Saturday, November 20, 2010

Capturing Lantau Island

I was in the cable when I took this, awesome!

Saturday Sightings


  1. Lani, This is a beautiful shot! Here in the American Midwest, I just don't see sights like that. Amazing.


  2. I have been to Hongkong several times already but never visited Lantau Island. I hope to visit it someday. I heard it's a beautiful place, and I can see it from your picture. Beautiful shot!

  3. What a gorgeous shot. When I went to Lantau it was so early in the morning that the cable was not even running yet so I took the bus. I definitely want to go back and go by the cable. Lantau island is just so green beautiful and pristine. Seeing Tian Tan Buddha, Wisdom Path and Po Lin Monastery was the highlight of my trip and the most beautiful scenes I have ever experienced in my life.

  4. I hope to visit Hongkong this January.

    Great photos.


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