My experience in Disneyland..

Day 1 (June 3/Sunday)
11:00 a.m., we arrived @ the Disneyland Resort
(20 minutes drive from the airport)
Snow White @ the lobby!
dinner for Cantonese taste!
8p.m., for closing time!

Sleeping time...
free bus ride to Disneyland!
first thing we did, bought caps...it was hot!
lunch afterwards.... large coke please!
all day fun! fun! fun!
@3:30 we watched the parade!
(... was really hot!)

Day 2 (June4/Monday)
good morning view from the room!
10 a.m. brunch with the mascots!
here we go... full of energy after that brunch!
Lion King Festival Show! not bad!
Space Mountain for the 3rd round
(gave me headache! whew!)
Jackie for the 5th round!
tea cup for the 3rd round,
this time I was sick!
Stitch (English)Show
(90% audience were Filipino)
@ 4pm I gave up!
went back to the Hotel
for pain reliever and took a nap!
7pm, ready for dinner downstairs
view from the restaurant
(another Cantonese Food)
shopping again...
(sorry babe I think I overuse your credit card)
@ 10 zzzzzzzzzzz!
(too much sleep, am not use to it)


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